Such a surreal but amazing evening meeting @ladygaga! What a lovely, beautiful person ♡

@l0st_cau5e pissing about waiting for @ladygaga

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Richard going for one last paddle

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Our last day. Best week ever #LakeGarda

The good weather is back, so I’m watching paragliding while Rich goes up the mountain in a cable car (death trap)

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Tonight we ate at a restaurant decked out like a pirate ship where we were given shots of grappa and the owner told us to go “bunga bunga make bambino”
Well we were planning a casual post-marathon stroll along the lake/ cable car trip today but the enormous storm of biblical proportions has made the mountains disappear!
Think it’ll be a day of Top Trumps and drinking cocktails at the hotel.
3 hours 44 minutes! Very tired, but very happy, was amazing to watch. Having a well earned beer. Love you lots Richard! ♡

ABSOLUTELY SMASHED IT!!! Could not be more proud, Richard is amazing, love him so much!

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And they’re off! Just caught the back of Richard starting, feeling incredibly proud, can’t wait to see him at the finish! #lakegardamarathon

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more Malcesine photo spam
Day 3: took the ferry out to Riva, it’s rained pretty heavy today but I’ve seen FIVE sausage dogs! There’s so many dogs here, it’s ace. Currently sat at the port having dinner, preparing for marathon day tomorrow! #LakeGarda
Rad new watch from FullSpot.it, changeable straps and faces!